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Apply for the QVision test

17 November 2018

According to Forresters’ “Predictions 2019: Expect A Pragmatic Vision Of AI”, companies will look at solutions involving artificial intelligence in the near future, which can help to solve specific problems. Quasar Optics appreciates this trend and is aiming at security checkpoints as an area where dropping human factor and a cost-efficient solution is a must.

We proudly announce Q•Vision – plug-n-play solution for any kind of x-ray units, which allows detecting prohibited items, similarly to how an operator does it, but automatically. It saves the original interface of the unit, can be easily upgraded or modified with new categories of items.

Rising level of security, increasing throughput, trusted technology with unlimited potential – this is what Q•Vision offers you.

Apply for the test, using a contact form, or send a mail directly to

24-26 MAY 2018

Innovations of Homeland Security - 2018

Dzerzhinsky division, Moscow

Quasar Optics proudly announced QVision, exhibiting prototype of AI-solution in complex with mobile security checkpoint.