Q•Vision – Quasar Optics


An ultimate next generation decision support solution intended to complement imaging systems functionality at the checkpoints. Q•Vision is a sophisticated computer vision software product that helps to analyze x-ray image, detect the potential threat and warn the operator. It makes the screening procedure faster and more reliable.

What is QVision?

◉ Q•Vision can detect weapons and its parts, knifes, LAGs containers from 50 ml, electronics, fireworks and many more. It also can detect 3D-printed suspicious objects and its parts.

◉ It’s a platform, open to fast and effective updates, closing doors for new threats.

◉ It automates the screening process and increases safety of the facility!


◉ Q•Vision quickly and easily connects to any x-ray scanner despite of the model and manufacturer

◉ It analyses x-ray images as they are passing to the operators screen, causing no delays or image quality reduction;

◉ The result of the analysis displays on OEM monitors. Thus the operator won’t shift attention between different screens and will concentrate on investigation;

◉ Q•Vision also does not interfere the x-ray native software, so the operator works with the familiar system interface and do not need the time for adaptation.

User Benefits

◉ With Q•Vision you can get innovative, impressively rich functionality upgrade without changing the current equipment, increase time between new equipment purchase and achieve significant financial savings;

◉ Whereas Q•Vision defines the potential threat even by silhouette, which is difficult or impossible at all for human eye to distinguish, it dramatically increases the “discovery” chances – even at lower or less trained or not so experienced personal;

◉ Q•Vision helps the operator to make the decision faster and ultimately increase the throughput;

◉ No installation costs – it’s a plug’n’play solution.